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Just tried the demo on Steam, and I must say I absolutely love the art and music. Great job! ;) It runs very well in Linux under the FLOSS AMD drivers and it detected my XBOX controller without any issues, too!

Now, the difficulty of the demo must be quite high, as I have a hard time in the second level to make the jump off of the platform. (I think I managed twice in 100 jumps, lol).

Definitively can be rage-inducing ;)

Thanks for trying out the demo! I'm glad you enjoyed playing it (though the rage lol). The full version is even more chalenging! Have you tried to get the wallet and the phone?

Not yet, but I will try some more for sure :)

Thank you very much for your feedback. I have made a slight change in the second stage of the demo. I hope is more playable now! Cheers!

It is, nice! Progressed to the boss level now, but the demo ends there. Can't wait for it to be released :)

Maybe it's not the most polished game but I like the concept. Good work!