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Stick Nightmare is a simple puzzle-platform game where you control yourself after having some drinks at a local bar.

* Easy to pick up and play: Run, jump, walk and warp. That's all you'll going to do.

* Quite Difficult: The game is aimed for those who are looking for a challenging platformer and speed runners. Difficulty based on level design, not on cheap deaths or surprise attacks. May provoke some rage.

* Casual Support: You may progress in the game even if you die a thousand times and take 3 hours to finish a level.

* Rewards for hardcore: Earn medals for not dying and milestones for completing some requirements.

* Realistic storyline: Yep. Quite realistic.

Stick Nightmare will also be available on Steam.

This game is under development.

Game by: PCMXMS

Music by: Pluft

Art by: Syng


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Maybe it's not the most polished game but I like the concept. Good work!