Today's work: Cutscene


So, today I started to work in the opening cutscene. The scene is about a mother who wants to watch TV but the kid playing his damn videogame. 

I started by drawing the room. It has to be a living room because in the late 80's/early 90's, it was common (at least here in Brazil) to have only one TV at home, and it was located in the living room. I need to think about a sofa, a tv and some decoration. I ended up with this:

Nothing too fancy, but I guess it will pass the idea pretty well. After having the room ready, it was time to do some animation and put some characters around. First, I animated Bill playing his video game. Two glorious frames. As I already had the walking and Idle animation for Bill, I use them in the final scene.

Did I mentioned that I'm using Godot 3? And it's awesome?

The animation was handled using the "Animation Player" node, which provides me with the tools necessary to make whatever I want in terms of manipulating objects of my game in terms of animation

What you see above is a bunch of "Key frames". Each one represent one specific characteristic of some specific objects in the scene tree. For instance: The first track (the one is selected) keeps the position of the node Knematic Billy (yeah, I'm not sure about the char name yet, sorry). You can create key frames for every single property of a node.

The green dots are keynotes that call functions in a script. As the Billy's (or Bill's) animations are all inside the KinematicBilly node, I had to call these animations inside the cutscene animation. The first green dot calls for the idle animation, the second calls the walking animation, etc, etc, etc...

After some work, here is the first mockup of the cutscene:

He walks a bit, takes some imaginary thing on the ground, walks again, takes again, and go talk to his mum. Note that the char is always in front of the objects, even when it has to be on the back. That's because the whole room, including mum, is nothing but a big sprite.

Time to make it work as it should

So I separated all the objects in the scene, sprite by sprite (TV is one sprite, the sofa is one sprite, the video game is one sprite, etc) and used the glorious "YSort" node. This magical node takes the Y position of the objects and "tells" the render which one is in front of which.

The result?

Still no mum. Now it's time to work on her animation and the whole dialogue stuff. Note that he forgot to pick the controller up. Bill might be in trouble...



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